Oh, to be a baby!

I remember the lure of being grown up when I was younger. I was desperate to be mature and do adult things. I’m sure kids the world over have role played adulthood at some point or another. Pretending to bake cakes, stuffing their tops with tissue paper or imagining they’re driving the car must be… More Oh, to be a baby!

Red Pepper Risotto

I stumbled upon this recipe in a magazine recently and thought it looked easy enough for me to attempt. I really like risotto and haven’t cooked one in yonks so I thought I’d give it a go. On the plus side, it calls for white wine, which is an excellent excuse to get a bottle… More Red Pepper Risotto


Originally posted on Coffee & Bubbles:
On New Year’s Eve some friends recommended a Podcast to me and I’m a huge fan! It’s called Serial, and if you enjoyed watching the Making a Murderer series on Netflix, or heard about it but don’t have time to sit and watch it, then this might be right…

Nightmare Hair

Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and blanch at the look of your eyebrows, hairy chin or wrinkled face? No? Well you can just close your browser and move along right now. For those that answered yes, you are not alone. When I was about 19 I spent some time… More Nightmare Hair